Thursday, September 20, 2007

This is Emily when she was about three. She was "lucky" and didn't develop diabetes for another twelve years. Go back to the first posts and you can see she turned out to be beautiful.


vicki said...

Dear Mr. Viall,

I now live in a Chicago suburb, but my parents live in Goshen Twp. and try to keep me updated on the happenings in and around Loveland. My mom sent me the article that appeared in the September 17th issue of The Cincinnati Enquirer about your cross-country bike ride. I have to credit David Housman for sending me the article about your trip before you left.

I must say that I'm very impressed with accomplishing such an endeavor. I was so impressed that I went online, found the link and sent it to 38 people with whom I attended middle school. Suffice it to say that everyone I've received responses from remembers you and has nothing but good things to say about you, even though--as Melinda Merrill responded--we "wrote more essays than [we] can count." Fortunately, I was one of the lucky few who didn't have to write about my dates with Mickey/Minnie Mouse, but I have to admit that writing all those essays helped me learn to write more creatively.

I wanted to share some of the comments that I've received so far:

"I thought he was such a great teacher!"--Michele (Lochner) Middleton

"He was one of my most favorite teachers!"--Sharon (Wakefield) Boyce

"I loved his class."--Annette (Bissman) Davis

I just wanted to let you know that we still remember you and think of you fondly.

Vicki (Leroy) Busby

Tim Viall said...

Just re-checked your old blog (by "the geezer") and was again touched by it, and by the wonderful comments by and passed along by former student Michele Middleton. You continue to touch all of us - family, friends, students. My pal here, Rich Fowler, the biking Catholic Charity fellow, recently tuned up my old road bike (and Susan's) and my goal for the year is three fold - to ride more, to do a tri-athalon, and to lose about 20 pounds. Most of the inspiration is from you, brother. Emily and your family must be proud - every day. Happy New Year, Brother Tim V.

Arthur said...

Dear Mr. Vaill

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Anonymous said...

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Allen Sawyer said...

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